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Couples Counseling and Marriage Coaching

Why Couples Counseling / Marriage Coaching?

Every marriage needs continual work, and every marriage can benefit from couples counseling and marriage coaching.

Satisfaction can wane as the stresses of life take their toll. Hurt feelings can erode the sense of safety we once found in the relationship. Misunderstandings can make it difficult to reconnect. Sometimes it takes a neutral and experienced outsider to help halt the old painful cycles and help establish new gratifying ones.

What makes a satisfying marriage?

Attachment and neuroscience research affirm that satisfying marriages foster a sense of safety.

Certain ways of interacting unintentionally threaten our partner’s sense of safety. Others reinforce it.

Couples counseling and marriage coaching will help you identify threatening patterns and replace them with strengthening ones.

What will you learn?

  • How your childhood relationships have programmed you to connect with others…and how to gain flexibility.
  • What’s happening in your brain when you get fired up or shut down…and how to help one another restore a state of calm and resilience.
  • How your particular style can interact with your partner’s to create a predictable dynamic…and how to create a new, more affirming pattern.
  • Key areas of vulnerability for yourself and your partner…and how to create safety for one another in these areas.

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